Really excited about MovieFest! In the past I’ve projected onto a bed sheet in me garden, but this is gonna be a next level! And with me good mate Paddy McGuinness! First film we’re hosting is Dirty Dancing. There’s gonna be food and drink, we’re gonna have music! It’s gonna be a wicked party! And party is my middle name. Well it in’t really, it’s Ian
— Keith Lemon
Keith and I literally cannot wait to take to the stage. We are the biggest fans of classic 80’s cinema and are already looking forward to the next cinematic masterpieces we can lovingly pay tribute to! This summer it’s all about having the Time Of Your Life at MovieFest. Let the Dirty see the Dancing!
— Paddy McGuinness
  • Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness will feature in brand-new LIVE EVENT

  • Two exclusive events taking place this summer at Tatton Park

  • Duo will present live before a screening of the classic film

Keith and Paddy, in conjunction with The Luna Cinema and Showcase Cinemas, will host a series of exclusive events screening the 80s classic, Dirty Dancing on 30th and 31st August at Tatton Park, Cheshire.

In a celebration of 80’s cinema at its best, the duo will imagine themselves running a video shop, where they will draw on movies from the decade of shoulder pads and spandex. MovieFest launches this summer with the two kicking things off with the Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey classic musical.

As part of the event, audiences will get to enjoy a traditional outdoor cinema experience from The Luna Cinema, screening the film itself on the UK’s highest definition outdoor LED screen. Each screening will involve a special twist – where we see Paddy and Keith return to the stage in a surprise finale and post-screening party for all the family to enjoy! 

MovieFest is in association with Showcase Cinemas. Showcase and Showcase Cinema de Lux are owned and operated by National Amusements, Inc., a world leader in the motion picture exhibition industry operating more than 932 screens in the US, UK, Brazil and Argentina. National Amusements delivers a superior entertainment experience under its Showcase, Showcase Cinema de Lux, Multiplex and UCI brands.

This is the latest production from The Luna Cinema, outdoor experience specialists who are currently producing FriendsFest on its UK tour, and partnering with ITV to present the immersive Love Island The Experience this summer. The Luna Cinema also recently launched Luna Beach Cinema with a giant screen taking residence over the summer on Brighton Beach, and Luna Kids Cinema, an outdoor cinema experience designed specially for younger film fans.